Wellington Ex-Services Skittles League

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                                 AGM 3rd July 2015

Minutes of the A.G.M. held on the 3rd July 2015

at 8.00 pm at the Football Club

Prior to the commencement of the A. G. M. the Chairman Ken Bird said a few words about the loss of four members this year two of which were serving club officials.

1.     Apologies

 Were received from Soccerites.

2.     Minutes of last meeting

These were read and agreed there were no matters arising.

3.     Secretary’s report

This was issued to all present, there were no matters arising.

4.     Treasurer’s report

This was issued to all present, Kevin Allen explained that although we gave away £200 less this year to charity the league funds were only £50 higher than last season this due to the £150 in memory of donations. The accounts were accepted as correct.

5.     Election of Officers

The Chairman Ken Bird outlined the committee’s recommendation of how the Executive should be made and whom they had approached to fill the positions. The meeting agreed to the Committee format and each position was voted on with nominations welcomed from the floor.

  • President  Mr Andrew Govier
  • Chairman Mr Ken Bird
  • Secretary/Treasurer Mr Kevin Allen
  • Assistant Secretary/Website Manager Mr David Bright
  • Assistant Treasurer/Division B Representative Mr Jim Nicol
  • Division A Representative Mr Darren Sparks
  • Entertainments Officer Mr Chris “Bodmin” Bullock 

6.     Roll Call 

Soccerites were the only no show but had sent word they wished to continue in the league next season, there were no new teams.

7.     League Fees 

It was agreed to make no change to the £4.00 per match

8.     Any other Business

8.1.   Good Friday Fixtures

After a discussion it was agreed to schedule matches for the Good Friday leaving teams to re-arrange as per Rule 3 if they cannot play on that day.

8.2.   Division A and B third place trophies

After a discussion the meeting agreed to abolish individual trophies for teams finishing in third place.

8.3.   Championship Play Off.

It was agreed by the meeting that this should  return to a one off match on a neutral alley with the date of this match printed in the fixture book and the alley chosen by the Secretary once the teams are known.  Any team not able to play on this date would forfeit the match and Championship.

8.4.   Round One of the Payne Cup

Following a full and frank discussion covering both Divisions points of view it was agreed for round one matches to revert back to Wednesday the same night as all the other rounds this to shorten the Division A season. It was also agreed that the two weeks of round one for Division B teams would be bye weeks so they do not have to play 2 nights on the trot as well as extend their season to nearer Division A season end.

8.5.   2015-2016 Charity donation

The Committee asked the meeting to agree that next years Charity donation is in memory of Jim Blackmore i.e. Dunkery (Stroke) Ward at Musgrove Park Hospital which they all did.

8.6.   Division A format

Peter Smith (Angels) asked about splitting Division A and was informed by the Chairman that he could not discuss it here as he had not followed Rule 19 and submitted the item in writing three weeks before the A.G.M. but he said it would be put on the next Captain’s Meeting Agenda.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.55 pm.