Team Photos 2015-2016 Team Photos 2015-2016 King Pins Division B Left to right Steve 'Knocker' Powell Paul 'Bones' Summers, Marc 'Gooner' Bright, Ian 'Cuckoo' Crittenden, Alan 'Viking' Fordham, Les 'Monty' Marke, Ryan 'Rhino 'Marke', Shane 'Tapper' Powell, front Paul 'Sheva' Winter, Matt 'Elf' Horne, Martin 'the Magnet' McGrath 200575432 Mowers Division B Back row left to right Martin Studley, Seb Coe, Vince Milton, Rob Gill, Nigel Dobson, Darren Winter, Sid James Geoff Milton. Front left to right Steve Trevelyan, Mike Jarman (captain), Steve Foster. Not in the picture Keith Crockett and sadly Shaun Harcombe 200884124 Muscotts Division A Back row left to right Des Campbell, Nick Fenn, Ryan Skeels, Bob Irish, Chalky White, Steve Tubbs Front left to right Martin Frost (captain), Kevin Allen and Arron Campbell 199817322 Cottage Pies Division A Back left to right Morgan Williams, Ashley Pearce (Captain) , Jack Vile, James May, Gary Escott and Sam Vile Front left to right Lucas Millett, Jake Westcott, Paul Robinson, Sam McGrath and Shaun Vile 200012114 Holywell Lake Division A Left to right Lee Newberry, Neil Winter, Peter Ware, Dean Bennett (captain) Graham Newberry, Charlotte Parsons (sticker-up) Terry Dowson ,Adrian Newberry, Steve Dowson, Adam Newberry, Geoff Newberry, Dave Newberry not in picture Scott Newberry 200071303 O. B. A. Division A Left to right Paul (Too Much) Beer, Isaac (sticker-up), Stuart (Captain) Haskins, Richard Ackland, Phil (Low Score ) Hawke, Steve (Fog Horn) Walters, Jason (Angry) Vincent, Greg (the Broker) Harrison, missing from picture Slyder Smith, Alan (the Chalk) Samuel, Piers (the Dropped) Colgate 200102211 Home Guard 2 Division A Back Row left to right Elliott Collett, Norman Rogers Middle Row left to right Chris Winter, Adrian Salisbury, Steve Symons. Front Row left to right Paul Williams (Captain), Ross Stickland, Andy Davey Not in picture Kevin Crout, Reg Oxby, David Derrick, Richard Hartnell 200264445 Hot Shots Division A Back row left to right Martin Lucas, Edd Chivers, Bob (Digger) Govier, Jess James, Matt Layzell, Bungy Burston and Alex Govier. Front row L to R Martin Kerslake, Robin Marke (vice-captain), Nelson Kerslake (captain) and Tim Thorne. Not in the picture Roger Millet and Vic Horne 200334103 Angels Division A Front row left to right Jon Stone, Steve Pengelly, Colin Richards. Back row left to right Pete Smith (Captain) Jon Cording Nathan (sticker up), Tom Howell, Alan Moon, Alan Martin, Ian Brooks, Ivor Moon. 200370461 Relyon Division A Left to right Richard (Truminate) Trueman, Julian (Head) Hayes, Andy (Red Man) Childs, Rob (Rubber Toes) Higgs (Captain), Mike (Big Hands Mike) Hutchings, Jason (Gus) Hayes, John (JJ Laroo) Jenkins, Steve (M. Licker) Hayes, Alan (Slugger) Sloman. Not in photo Tim (Trout) Curtis, Andy (Fido) Fyfe and Shaun (Gary Barlow) Lang. 200429819 Railwayites Division B The oldest swingers in town! (Combined age of 651 years!). Back row left to right Roy Davies, Sam Salter, Ken Tooze, Pat Reed, Mike Boon, Pete Drohan (captain). Front row left to right Bill Small, Mike Bull, Peter Salter. 200492836 Report Centre A Division A Left to right Colin Selwood (Captain), John Cottrell, Bill Whitman, Alan Baker, Nick Thomas, Derek Parsons, Daniel Selwood, Dave Bennett, Mike Cooper 200628880 Scuppas Division B Back row left to right Grahame 'Wooders' Woodward, Dave Squire, John 'Release the Beast' Barker, Rob Acton, Chris 'The Living Fossil' Morter. Front row left to right Adrian 'Keats' Wordsworth, Charlotte (team sticker up), Craig Newstead, Roger 'Our Overseas Player' Howe, Stuart King. Absent: Fran Biffen, and Tony Tarr, (the 'Scuppas' Team Mascot). 200686149 Queens Legs Division A Back row left to right Danny Hayman, Chris Vincent, Daren Mason, Matt Cashmore, Adam Nichols Front left to right Shaun Hill (captain) Stuart Sutton, Paul Cooper, Adam Hill 200818493 Reservists Division A Back row left to right Nick Hayman, Peter Chamberlain, Neil Sparks, Nathan Blackmore, Phil Powell, Richard Troake, Glen Escott Front row left to right John Dodden, Darren Sparks (Captain). 200889741 Oaks Division A Back Left to right James Greening, Dave Dainton, John Sibley, Ashley Bright, Chris Judd Front Steven Burge, Michael Shire and Gary Regan (captain) 201028365 Outsiders Division B Back Left to right Paul McCarten, Rob Larcombe, Steve Windsor, Ron Smith Front Left to right Gerry Larcombe (Captain), Alvin Bellamy, Terry Sharland, Reg Floyd 201301916 Rebels Division A The Rebels at the " Cottage of Doom " before their descent to the bottom of the "Mordor League". Back row L - R Merry Phillips, Saruman Knight, Samwise Tidball, Pippin Nicholson, Bilbo Steer, Strider Sellick, Boromir Plant. Front row L - R Gimli Dyke, Smeagol Powell, Gandalf Taylor 201374689 Moonrakers Division B From left to right looking at photo: Bill Kingdom, Lewis Skinner, Adam Dodden, Gavin Harrison, Shannon Nutkins (Sticker Up), Graham Lobb, Peter Mullens, Stuart Floyd, Richard Lettley. Missing from Photo: Tony Baker (Captain) 201406701 United Services Division B Back Row left to right ? Geoff Smith, Phil Braddick, Ben Gamlin, Paul Smith, Dave Groves, Neville Pitman and Rivers Barry Front Row left to right ? Phil John, Simon Gamlin and Ozzie Fancy. Not in photograph ? Andy Gamlin, Kev Austin and Mario Kolosowskyj 201541522