Wellington Ex-Services Skittles League

Results, stats and info for the Wellington Ex-Services Skittles League

Competition Rules


  1. Teams are to be composed of eight male players of which two can be under 18 years old but over 15 years old. (Where venue rules permit). Captains to advise Landlord/ Steward of under age (18) player(s). A team may register as many players as they wish to complete their fixtures. A player will be considered registered for that team once he has actually played and cannot play for any other team in the league during that season. Should an illegal player be played his score shall be forfeited.
  2. All matches MUST commence at 8.15pm with the home team skittling first in league matches.  Six hands to be played by each team, three hands at a time. In Cup matches the first team printed is deemed to be the home side. Except with the agreement of the opposing captain;  all players should be at their  venues by the time the match commences the latest acceptable time should be before the home team has completed their first three hands or 9.15pm which ever is the soonest, otherwise reserves must take their place or their hands be forfeited. In case of late starts the opposition captain is to put the start time on the reverse of the score card.
  3. No match is to be postponed or cancelled unless sanctioned by the Secretary. All postponed matches will after 4 weeks carry a fine of £1 per week until the match is played by the team that cancels.
  4. If the need arises for any team to change alleys after the season has started, the proposed change must be brought before the Executive Committee for ratification before any changes take place.
  5. The Home Captain will collect from his team sufficient monies to pay the agreed alley fees to the landlord and £10 mininmum to the sticker-up.  The Away Captain will collect the sum of £4 from his team to give the same to the Home Captain for League funds, who will be responsible for handing it to the Hon Secretary with the score card signed by both Captains or their deputies not later than 1pm on Saturday following the match. A second sticker-up may be provided by any team, but this team must be responsible for payment to this extra sticker-up. Fees for Cup matches to be equally divided between the two teams.
  6. Two points will be awarded for a home win, three points for an away win and one point for a draw.
  7. Should two or more leading teams at the end of the season have scored the same number of points, they will play off on a neutral alley to decide who shall have the honour of winning the title.  Ties for second or third place to be decided on away pins scored, the team with the most has the honour of the second place trophy. In the event of a tie at the bottom of the table the Teams away scores will be added up and the team with the least pins is deemed bottom.
  8. The front pin shall be whitened for all league matches, a suitable pin being selected by both Captains unless a pin has already been dealt with by the proprietor of the Alley.
  9. A ball or pin having struck the side of the alley becomes dead and further pins knocked down by the rebound off either do not count and these pins must be set up again. In any case of doubt the decision of the sticker-up is final as alley rules apply.
  10. Three balls only to be used. Any spares must be played from the balls in the box and no ball can be used twice in the same hand as alley rules apply.
  11. If a man should be injured or has a valid reason during a game to be unable to complete his hands, he shall if he has played three or more hands, take the average of his hands. If he has played less than three hands he will take the average of his team.
  12. In the event of a draw at the end of 6 hands in a cup match, an extra hand or hands are to be played until a decision is reached. If a player is to skittle off (with the approval of the opposing captain before play starts), they should skittle a seventh hand which would be used if the match is tied after six hands. The player concerned will only be allowed to skittle ONE hand, if the game is still tied after seven hands then the team with the player skittled off will have to play the eighth etc hands with missing player(s) who will be given Zero.
  13. Any team who cancel a cup game must pay the full match fee (£4)
  14. No player may “skittle off” without informing the opposition of his intention and not before the scheduled start time of 8.15pm.                                                         
  15. Cyril Hicks Singles competition rules. All venues and times (picked at random) must be adhered to. No changes allowed.  If a player gets through (top 4 highest scores go through) but cannot play in the next round no substitutes allowed, that round will have to play with 7 not 8 players. If a player has not turned up by the time the other players have played one hand he does not play.    
  16. A team wishing to play during a season must be represented by one of last season’s players at the Annual General Meeting by the time the team is called at the roll call of teams, which will be held on the first Friday in July.
  17. Any team at the end of the season being in dispute with the league shall be deemed to have resigned from the league. Such a team wishing to re-enter the following season must make a new application at the A. G. M. and will be treated in competition with new applicants. A team in dispute or members thereof will not be entitled to any prizes which they might otherwise have won.
  18. The ball shall be past the end of the plate before being brought into play. If the ball does not hit the plate then the sticker-up shall replace any pins knocked down.       
  19. Any new rule or alteration of rules to be sent in writing to the Secretary at least weeks before the A.G.M.
  20. A fine of £5 per team to be levied for not being represented at the Captains meeting and or the A.G. M. (monies to be given to charity).
  21. The Championship play - off date will be decided by the Secretary at the time the fixtures are issued and the venue decided when it is known what teams will contest the play off. The date of this fixture can only be changed with the express permission of the Secretary and if either of the two teams are not able to fulfil this fixture on the appointed date then they will forfeit the game and therefore the championship.

Five Mile Radius Rule

In order to keep matches as local as possible there is a five mile limit to venues from the centre of Wellington, which is better illustrated by the map opposite. This rule can be relaxed in extenuating circumstances.












Score Cards

Will captains kindly circle the highest scorer(s) from each side for each for publication purposes? It would also be helpful if a note of any outstanding play by any player or team was made on the back of the score card as well, these comments should be initialled by both captains. Thank you.